Crosby Resource Management

Hunting Leases

MDS Hunting Club #3257 - LEASED

Parish: Allen
Acres: 100.52
Price Per Acre: $4.00

Easy access, a mixture of clearcut, hardwood bottom and pine plantation.  A good number of deer are known to frequent this tract.  80 acres of this tract is on the market for sale.  In the event it is sold during the term of the lease, lessee will be reimbursed a prorated amount.

Rate Per Acre:     $4.00 per acre (Annually - includes insurance)

Rate Per Structure:  $100.00 per structure (Annually)

Administration Fee:  $60.00 Annually

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Buck N Crazy Hunting Club #3764 - LEASED

Parish: Beauregard
Acres: 45.71
Price Per Acre: $4.00

Easy access, clearcut.  This lease will make a convenient, inexpensive place to hunt for one person.

Rate per acre:  $4.00 (Annually - includes Insurance)

Rate per structure:  $100.00 (Annually)

Administration Fee:  $60.00 (Annually)

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